SF DFI Multi Hack new updated Today

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SF DFI Multi Hack new updated Today

Post  kinggambet on Tue Apr 23, 2013 1:09 am

SF DFI Multi Hack (Select Your Choice)

Note: Do not rename the DLL or autoshutdown will occur wink.gif Thank You.

Visual Hack:
-2D BOX + Crosshair: http://hostr.co/prpuuNf3ki4a Updated

Boosting Hack:
-XP x2: http://hostr.co/i5iMIpXl2vCE
-XP x3: http://hostr.co/2km1ChgfVEXV
-XP x5: http://hostr.co/zsKdRoMRNAS2
-XP 10898: http://hostr.co/1JSkwwoBcRsz
-SP Bunos(4000%): http://hostr.co/t7EdYxBIhpED

Weapon Hack:
-No Recoil/Spread: http://hostr.co/ZVdyJsJp9xFM
-Unli Ammo: http://hostr.co/RkVNuWlGBPEg (Num1 to Activate Ingame)
-No Weapon Weight: http://hostr.co/qPs9kv5MRrs2
-Unli + Rapid Fire: http://hostr.co/ybO2EMXQLqSk (Num4 to Activate Ingame)
-Rapid Slash + Fast Change: http://hostr.co/Es4yaeNaOKXF (Num5 to Activate Ingame)

Player Hack:
-SpeedHack: http://hostr.co/SyLwpu12Zz4l (Num2 to Activate)
-Jump Hack: http://hostr.co/uifFjjPu7xWd (Num3 to Activate)

-Auto Win: http://hostr.co/HxKGP8BpMRDk
-Auto Win + 10898 EXP + 10000% SP: http://hostr.co/X7BMWlwd9K4O

OFFICAIL GAMERSCORE INJECTOR : http://www.mediafire...frc0zw9n1464a9s

How to do Auto Win: Must be Host, Create Single Battle and Players(4) must be in one side only then start the game.






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